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Online, Mobile and Blended Learning
Online learning refers to structured educational study or training that is delivered via the internet (Information Resources Management Association, 2012).

Mobile learning refers to the use of mobile technology for learning, which can take place across different settings beyond geographical barriers and time constraints (UNESCO, n.d.).

Blended learning is a pedagogical approach that features a combination of multiple modes of instruction, such as face-to-face instruction with computer-mediated instruction delivered through online and/or mobile channels (O'Byme & Pytash, 2015).
Relevant online videos
Online learning
The brave new world of online learning (2013)
Through examples of academics opening up their courses and sharing teaching materials, the speaker demonstrates how open online learning can cause a butterfly effect: dramatically change the way we learn and teach, and help forming local learning communities.
What is online learning? (2013)
This short video introduces various benefits of online learning to learners. Its advantages over face-to-face classroom learning are highlighted as well.
Mobile learning
Turning the page: The next chapter in education (2011)
In this video, the speaker suggested that to benefit from the power of mobile learning in transforming education, educators need to face the threat of being displaced and to fundamentally rethink their role.
The future of mobile learning (2016)
Does mobile learning get more acceptances? According to the speaker, the situation is problematic. With students bringing their own device, there are worries over its dramatic impact on classroom etiquette and control. The challenges were discussed in the video.
Blended learning
The basics of blended learning (2011)
The video explains the meaning of blended learning, the various models, and some of the results which can be achieved through this approach.
Blended learning: 4 blended learning models (2013)
This video describes four models of blended learning: Rotation, Flex, A La Carte, and Enriched Virtual.

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